In 2012, Haneen decided to open her own modern optics center in a new underserved area Al-Karak, Jordan. Soon, she established “Haneen Center for Optics” to include an eye-care services designated area and a retail shop for glasses, eyewear solutions, sunglasses and lenses. 

At the beginning, Haneen purchased 80% of the inventory on 30 days credit term. However, she thought of taking a loan to make cash inventory purchases to benefit from suppliers’ discounts. With the support of USAID JLGF, by providing 75% loan guarantee, Haneen was able to secure the required credit facility that enabled her to purchase larger inventory at lower cost. 

“People used to laugh when I said I will open the optics center in this area, but they stopped when the area started booming.” Said Haneen. “I didn’t expect the center to achieve this success in such a short period.” She added.
To further utilize the center, in 2016 Haneen decided to take another loan, which was also guaranteed by USAID JLGF, to expand the shop and to buy more Inventory. Haneen, with a smile on her face, said “The secret to success is to love what you do”. 

Haneen Center for Optics is now a well-known center not only in Al-Karak but also in the whole southern region that includes Aqaba, Tafila and Ma’an Governorates.