Driven by her passion to make food and desserts and being raised up in a family who has passion for food, Suzan Deraz decided to partner with Omar Nashash the owner and manager of ‘Cake and More’ since 2014. 

Their professional partnership started in January 2015. The roles were clearly stated; Omar is the main chef and responsible for the production while Suzan is responsible for improving the sales, marketing and public relations.

Achieving promising results throughout the eight months of operations and witnessing increased demand from customers encouraged the owners to expand and renovate the production area and showroom to hold the unmet demand.

USAID-JLGF facilitated a loan for Suzan and Omar to be able to carry out the required expansion. “The renovation enabled us to meet the increasing demand on our products” Said Suzan. “My ambition is that our brand is known to all people and to open more branches.” She added.

 Due to the expansion and the increased demand ‘Cake and More’ has now more than 15 employees, all of them are registered with the Social Security.

“I believe the passion of making food is ‘genetic’; my father used to hold that passion, myself and now my daughter, who has recently graduated from Les Roches International School of Hotels management” Said Suzan with a smile on her face. “Besides, it is really sweet to work in sweets” She added.