In 1988, Suzan Ranneh used to live in Saudi Arabia, and worked for ten years for a women’s charitable association. As part of her job in preparing meals for needy people, she attended training courses on cooking sweets, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic food.

 After ten years, in 1998, she moved to Jordan. Her passion for cooking and preparing food increased day after day, and that was the main driver for her to establishing her own restaurant in 2000.

Unfortunately, due to family issues, she had to close her restaurant in 2002. But that was not the end of the road for Suzan, as she continued providing food and beverage services from home. “I closed the restaurant but I didn’t shut down the business” Said Suzan. “I had to do that as I had to take care of my disabled son; I needed more time for him which I didn’t had when the restaurant was open” She added.

Suzan provides a long list of meals and sweets that includes home-made pickles, Zattar (thyme), olives, cheese and Labaneh. She also provides catering service for parties.

The demand grew more than her capacity. That is why, in 2016, she decide to register her business (Home Based Business HBB) and she started “Pearl Necklace Kitchen” that provides its services from home. 

 With the support of USAID-JLGF Suzan managed to get a loan to build an extension in her house to establish a kitchen. “I was tempted to expand my business in order to meet the increased demand” Said Suzan. “We provide our services to a wide range of target groups.” She added. 

In the meantime, Suzan relies on the word of mouth to build her brand. She also believes in the power of the social media, and that is why she created a facebook page to promote her brand.

Suzan now is satisfied of the business level she reached. “So far we have a good reputation, and our brand started to spread in Amman” said Suzan.