In 2006, Mustafa Al-Turk started Al-Majd Factory to produce top quality Halawah and Teehinah using the old traditional milling process to guarantee the purity and quality of products.

In 2013 Al-Turk decided to expand his business as he witnessed a steady growth in his sales over the years and he was unable to meet the current level of demand. So he decided to establish a new factory in Al-Karak to serve its customers in the southern area of Jordan.

Once the construction started in August 2013 Al-Turk realized that initial estimates were not accurate and that the company would need more capital, including a new loan of JD 400,000, which was facilitated and guaranteed by USAID JLGF. Accordingly, Al-Karak factory started its operation in May 2015.
Its opening supported the community by providing 30 new job opportunities, with the majority of them going to women and unskilled labor, and increased company revenues by 20% for 2015. Ten more jobs are expected to be added there by the end of the year.