Samer Awwad, who has more than 10 years of experience in the electronic engineering field, was one of the pioneers of providing clean energy in Jordan. He noticed that the demand on solar energy has significantly increased due to the increase in electricity tariff, which forced many sectors like educational, hospitality and health sectors to seek alternatives to mitigate the risk of increased electricity bell.

Upon the issuance of the “Law of Energy” in 2013, and as the concept of alternative energy became popular and wide spread in Jordan, Samer decided to seize the opportunity, and established his own business: Intishar for Technological Projects LLC, which installs alternative energy and electric power generation systems of the well-known trademark - Second Energy. Since its establishment, the company executed several projects at both corporate and individual levels with the efforts of its ten qualified employees.

Awwad was approached by Jerash Private University, under the umbrella of AFD, to explore the benefits of installing a solar system. The installation of the solar system for Jerash University was beyond the financial capacity of the company but would have been a huge opportunity to waste.

Samer was so eager to take advantage of the opportunity. Fortunately, an aggressive partner bank and USAID JLGF were there to facilitate and guarantee the JD 300,000 loan he needed. With the financial resources secured, Intishar was able to install the solar system for Jerash University and to fulfil all its obligations.