In Apr 2015, Maysoon Taqieddin started a specialty shop in Zarqa for renting, selling, and tailoring wedding and formal dresses, serving low to middle income residents of Zarqa. Three months later, there was an expansion opportunity to rent the shop adjacent to the newly-opened one, solving the issue of being too small to meet growing customer demand for a wider range of products but creating the need for capital. 

One of the partner banks of USAID JLGF saw the potential of the business and believed in the business the acumen of the entrepreneur. Cash flow-based analysis of the business and the expansion opportunity supported that view: the expansion was expected to increase revenues by 50% in high season and 10% in low season, as well as to create 2 job opportunities for women under 30 years old.

Today, the business is thriving, and the marriage of OPIC’s guarantee and a progressive bank furthered USAID JLGF’s goal of using cash flow based analysis to justify the extension of credit to borrowers traditionally considered to have insufficient collateral.