Established in 2010, Advanced Company for Hospital Services (Advanced Company) renovates, renews and prepares certain locations to become formal hospital units that are mainly specializes in kidney dialysis, waste management and maternity surgeries.

In 2013, Advanced Company noticed that the number of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients was increasing rapidly and that many were lower income Jordanians covered through the Ministry of Health or foreign patients (mostly Syrians and Iraqis), for whom treatment is paid for by the UN, Jordan Health Aid, or Qatar Charity.

At that time, most of Jordan provinces were equipped with general hospitals including kidney dialysis, except areas in East Amman, like Marka and Yajouz, and Zarqa, where patients had to repeatedly travel long distances to receive kidney dialysis.

Accordingly, the Advanced Company decided to rent an old hospital building in Marka and reconstruct, renovate and equip it to become a 37-bed general hospital with one of the largest Kidney dialysis units in the country. Existing dialysis units can service only 70% of ESRD patients in Jordan. Once at full capacity, Advanced Company’s new hospital will be able to handle an additional 15%.

USAID JLGF provided a guarantee for two loans totaling JD 750,000 to help pay for a Standby Generator, Medical Waste Incinerator, Building Renovation & Construction, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Vehicles (Ambulance), Medical Gases, Engineering Consultancy and Licensing Fees.

The hospital is now open and offering a full range of services, including emergency room, maternity ward, and radiology, to an area of 500,000 persons that previously had no private hospital in the vicinity. And it has created over 100 new jobs, of which more than 40 went to women and 70 are for persons <30 years of age.