In 1980, Rakan Al-Faour started working in his family’s farms after graduating from high school. His family is well-known in the agricultural field; they rent farms and plant them to benefit from the crops.

After 10 years of experience, Rakan started his own farming business by purchasing and planting farmlands under his supervision. His efforts paid off, as he became one of the biggest potato producers in Jordan. Accordingly, Rakan was approached by Methieb Haddad & Sons Company (one of the largest food snacks manufacturers in Jordan and in MENA region) to provide them with potatos.

Rakan expanded his business by adding more farmlands in Deir-Alla in the Jordan Valley and became one of the top five farmers in Jordan, as well as head of Farmers Union in Jordan from 1992 to 1997. Now, Bosporus Agricultural has more than 50 farms – around 2,000 square meters
In early 2014, Rakan noticed there is a strong demand for a particular kind of date---“Medjool”---in Jordan and in other foreign markets and needed a loan to build the operation. He secured a loan from a partner bank with the OPIC guarantee facilitated by USAID JLGF, an investment that created more than 50 jobs.

Today, Bosporus Agricultural is becoming a large producer of Medjool in Jordan, proving that the taste of success is sweet, indeed.