The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Jordan Loan Guarantee Facility (JLGF) is helping SMEs grow their businesses. A three day workshop was conducted to help SME owners in Aqaba seek financing for startup or expansion. Case studies were presented to show how to use financial analysis and projections to determine financing needs and improve business performance. 35 SME owners participated in the workshop.

Mr. Firas Zaghal, the workshop leader and President of Dimensions Consulting, said "The participating SME owners demonstrated great interest in the approaches and tools presented during the workshop. The business owners expressed their readiness to implement the concepts instantly in their businesses, especially the approaches related to business performance improvement, determining financing needs, and applying for financing from banks."

Mr. Murad Assayed and Mr. Sahem Al Khouri of Al Theqa Dental Labs explained how they learned a lot from the exercises and case studies that were provided, especially asset return analysis that is useful for evaluating proposals for business expansion.

Mr. Sarni Qasem Al Naser, of Jordan Group Trading said, "The workshop was excellent, as it showed us how to use financial statement analysis to improve performance and avoid cash flow problems."

Mr. Haitham Esam Al Rawi, who owns Shanghai Gate International Trading Company in Aqaba, talked about the importance of the main subject of using financial statements to support business management. He hopes that additional workshops will be offered in the future.

Mr. Bashar Zawaydeh, an owner of a tourism investment company indicated that the financial projections method was presented with a high level of efficiency, and the leader of the workshop was very good in making in making complex topics seem so easy.